Learning and development

What would your career look like if you could truly carve your own path? Now imagine that the trail you blaze is lined with interactive tools, development programs and teammates supporting you along the way.

At DiTechno IT Solution, we balance autonomy with the strength of our cultivation culture.

Learn through training

We offer both global and regional internal development programs in multiple areas including leadership, consulting and technical skills.

Learn from others

We grow ourselves when we help others. This is the beauty of cultivation culture. In practice, this means mentoring feedback among teams.

Learn by doing

Day-to-day challenges at work provide many organic opportunities for growth. Our people have the opportunity to work on targeted assignments.


Putting purpose-led into action

For your growth
Be a lifelong learner

What does this mean for your career growth? It means you can follow your curiosity while leveraging the power of feedback, collaboration and knowledge sharing. There are no lone heroes here: together, we help each other do (and be) our best and that extends to how our employees grow.

Working with us is always a transformational experience; that’s because the best outcomes are often the hardest to achieve, and often bring the kind of value that goes beyond what was first imagined.

Our deeds differentiate us and there’s nothing business-as-usual about how we operate. We care deeply about our clients and look beyond their immediate needs, championing the goals that inspire them.

We strive to lead by example and show what the technology industry can be. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s one we relish. Here’s the approach we believe in: advance both the state of the art and the state of the practice, influence the industry to do a better job, grow individuals and communities of technologists.

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